2010 marks of us

A video that was made by collecting
all the works that were broadcast on Mnet during 2010

Work area
– Editing
– Sound Editing

– Adobe After effect

Operation time
– 3Day

Thanks to

Han Jung-hyuk / Park Joong-seok / Lee Jae-joon / Kim Dae-Joo
Park Jong-woong / Ra Gi-suk / Koo Kyo-mok / Ko Jae-geun
Hong Seok-jun / Lee Soo-jung
Jang Yoo-min / Kyung Kyu-ri


Every time we’re working, we’re always talking about endless discussions.
We had a meeting, we worked on the project with a mind of study.
Mnet participated in its first public invitation seminar as a speaker


Thank you for Watching